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The Kelser Blog covers technology and business topics such as Cybersecurity, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Networking and Wireless, Managed Services, and more.

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Networking | Wireless

By: Mark Lepak
January 15th, 2019

Maybe your in-house IT staff is overworked, or perhaps you simply don’t have the expertise necessary to build a robust network infrastructure. Whatever the reason may be, a growing number of businesses have chosen to outsource much of the heavy lifting to a network services company. Although there are many network services providers out there, not all of them are the right fit for your business. However, just because you’re not an IT company doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to evaluate potential IT partners. Below, we’ll discuss the six most important traits that you should look for in a network services company.

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Managed Services | IT Lifecycle Management

By: George W. Kudelchuk III
January 9th, 2019

Software used to be such an adventure. Your company would buy a new program and then essentially be on your own to install it and learn how to use it. It might work out great, or it might be a frustrating fiasco. You bought it—it’s your problem now. Wisely, software companies have largely switched to a software-as-a-service model in which customers pay a recurring fee for use of software that is maintained and supported with customer service. Hardware is undergoing a similar transition with desktop-as-a-service, also known as device-as-a-service, or DaaS. Desktop-as-a-service shifts technology hardware from a capital expense to an operating cost. Rather than buying new computers and other technology in one large, up-front expense and then burdening your IT department with the massive task of setting them all up and maintaining them, a technology partner or managed service provider (MSP) will manage the assets for the entire lifespan.


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Managed Services

By: Matt Kozloski
November 20th, 2018

In the past few decades, the digital revolution has been a tremendous boon for business revenues, making companies of all sizes and industries more efficient, productive, and profitable. Yet the fact that technology has become more advanced also means that it has become more complicated to properly understand and manage.

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By: Matthew Butler
November 15th, 2018

Each organization has its own approach to cybersecurity—some of them better than others. While many small businesses take a proactive role by working with third-party managed security service providers, others are content to employ “security through obscurity,” hoping that there will always be a bigger, more appealing target. Unfortunately, every business is a potential target for cyber criminals.

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Modern Data Center

By: Matt Kozloski
November 7th, 2018

The amount of information in the world today is almost unfathomable, and it’s increasing at a blistering pace. Analysts estimate that 90 percent of data in existence was created only in the last two years. What’s more, research group IDC predicts that by 2025, the world will be creating 163 zettabytes (163 trillion gigabytes) of data every year.

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Business Continuity | Disaster Recovery | Managed Services

By: Jonathan Stone
October 30th, 2018

From Hurricane Irene in 2011 to the “blizzard of 2013” that dumped two feet of snow across much of the state, Connecticut has seen its fair share of extreme weather. Not only do these natural disasters disrupt people’s daily lives and prevent them from coming into work, they also disable or damage critical business infrastructure and utilities such as power, electricity, and heating.

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Cybersecurity | Business Continuity | Disaster Recovery | Managed Services

By: Brian Mulligan
October 24th, 2018

With news of another cyber attack in the headlines every other week, it’s hardly surprising that businesses of all sizes and industries are growing more and more concerned. 68 percent of organizations believe that they are “very vulnerable” or “extremely vulnerable” to a data breach.

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Managed Services | Cybersecurity | IT Lifecycle Management | Networking | Business Continuity | Disaster Recovery

By: Brian Mulligan
October 23rd, 2018

What Are Managed Services? Managed services are the IT operations, functions, and processes that an organization chooses to outsource to a third-party external managed services provider (MSP). The organization signs a contract with the MSP known as the service level agreement (SLA) that outlines the MSP’s roles and responsibilities when monitoring and managing your IT services.